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KBOO logo
The logo for K-B-O-O radio. Along the left side text spells out the station’s call letters. On the right is an image of a radio tower labelled at the bottom with the station’s position on the radio dial, 80.7. A red star is positioned behind and near the top of the radio tower and yellow lightning bolt shapes are positioned around the star.

Find our interview about the upcoming Disability Equity and Engagement Study on KBOO

John Griffiths interviews Allen Hines and Nico Serra on the program, Disability Justice: An Everyday Pursuit in Survival. Leila Haile and Lydz Grijalva provide their perspective in an excerpt of a recording with the whole team involved with the study. We discuss how people can become involved with the study, what to expect and why it’s necessary. The audio of the show, which aired on May 7, is available here.