Housing Inventory

RCI is engaged in housing advocacy to encourage the creation of more affordable, accessible units. At the same time, we are compiling data on existing housing and availability. This database has potential as a resource for the disability community and will be the foundation for supporting the transition from institutional settings to independent living.

Peer Counseling

Our peer counseling program matches available housing to a person’s needs and expectations for living sustainably in the community. Counselors who live independently and are trained in the person-centered planning process tailor plans to achieve independent living for participants with special attention to necessary accommodations, barriers to applying for and maintaining housing, additional services participants may need during and after transition, and emotional support throughout the transition process.

Portrait of smiling disabled business executive in wheelchair using digital tablet in office
young man in power wheelchair with two friends

On-the-Ground Supports

RCI works with participants to get to referral appointments and apartment viewings, assists as necessary with paperwork and personal care during appointments, and helps participants move into independent living situations.

Peer Counseling

Creation of plans to achieve independent living

Together, RCI participants and counselors explore past independent living experiences, current needs and wants, and the path forward.

Short-term financial planning

Counselors will provide guidance about resources, such as SNAP, ABLE accounts, and K Plan funding that can help participants afford housing, pay for accessibility improvements, and buy household goods.

Case management around issues that involve independent living (e.g., guardianship)

Counselors make referrals to appropriate resources for issues that need resolving prior to living independently.

Fair Housing support and guidance to maintain housing

To ensure best results in the long term, participants receive training on fair housing and renters’ rights, and counselors provide knowledge and referrals.

Ongoing support to navigate issues as they arise

Circumstances change, and counselors will be available to support participants to sustain independent living.