Disability Engagement Study


Our survey is live in five languages, and data collectors are available to support you if you need help with the survey. Please call (503) 877-5418 for assistance.

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Do you have any health conditions that impact the way you live your life? 

Did you know there’s something simple you could do to improve the lives of people with disabilities and serious health concerns here in Portland? 

Through July 2, Real Choice Initiative is leading the city’s first ever study of people with disabilities for Portland State University and the City of Portland. 

We are gathering data about civic engagement and the social determinants of health for people with disabilities and severe health concerns in Portland.

This innovative study invites participants to interpret data and make recommendations to the City.

The text “Do you live in Portland & have disabilities or health concerns? TAKE THE SURVEY STARTING MAY 17, 2021 RealChoiceOregon.com” is overlaid throughout this image of two people with disabilities sitting in their power wheelchairs in front of Portland City Hall. One person is a brown Asian woman of color and the other is a nonbinary white person. They are both smiling and wearing warm clothes.

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