The Real Choice Initiative is a rights-based approach to housing justice for people with disabilities. Our approach challenges structural barriers to living independently while identifying existing opportunities and supporting people with disabilities to achieve their independent living goals.


What We Do

Care Navigation

Finding and managing in-home care providers is no easy task. RCI is developing practical ways to facilitate connections among care providers and the disability community and promote healthy working relationships.

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Systems Advocacy

The people involved in our work have strong stories and a desire to make lasting change. RCI connects individuals with opportunities to take action, including letter writing, testifying before local committees and elected officials, and direct action.

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We educate policy makers and housing developers about accessibility. Within the disability community, we promote living in the community and help people develop skills and resources to achieve it.

RCI’s peer mentors have the experience and inherent expertise of living independently with a disability. Our program supports lasting transitions to independent living.